Kristen Chenoweth Discusses Gay Marriage on CNN's Piers Morgan

Author: Dan Bimrose
Published: September 15, 2011 at 5:53 am

On Wednesday night's Piers Morgan, Singer/Actress Kristen Chenoweth discussed a variety of topics, but the more controversial moments of the interview occurred when she delved into both politics and Christianity.

When the Republican field of candidates for President include Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry and Rick Santorum it is certainly difficult to separate politics and Christianity. The two topics collide whenever gay marriage is discussed.

Kristen opened up about her religion and how Christianity is portrayed in today's environment, "Ya know I'm a Christian too...and um unfortunately nowadays to say that word it's almost like ooh really, are you crazy?"

Concerning gay marriage, "I don't think the gay issue is a political one, but I do think it's a civil rights issue. I believe...people who love each other should be allowed to be married."

Kristen dismisses the notion that homosexuality is a choice, "If it was a sin to be short, what would I do? Well I'd be right on the hell bus...I don't believe God makes mistakes, and that includes a person's sexuality."

An actress possessing a liberal view on homosexuality is not a rarity, but an actress who maintains this view, while proclaiming her Christianity is slightly less common.

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