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Health Care: Is it Sick?

Author: al dussault
Published: December 14, 2010 at 9:36 am

Our court system may well un-do what many Americans had hoped for. We might make the current Health Care Law a dinosaur before it even breathes. Extension prior to existence is a new philosophical outcome of a two-party system that is too broken to fix problems that governments ought to be charged to fix. Government is too sick to fix health care and not smart enough to fix education and too aggressive to know the meaning of compromise.

Today's court ruling by a Bush-appointed judge is beginning the process whereby the courts will decided the law. You might think, "Well, is that not how it should be?" In the ideal, yes, but we have a much less than perfect system right now. Remember the election of 2000. Gore won that one, hands down. You would think we might have learned something back then. Perhaps we did learn that money (and nothing else) matters in our post-modern world. Money is the lobbyist tool and in any other forum we would call it what it is: bribery. But we have gradually gotten use to being lied to on television, and we have become accustomed to hearing sound bites of news that do not come close to capturing the essence of the article. We, in fact, can not believe that America has fallen so far down the rabbit hole that reality is turned upside down and inside out. Go ask Alice!

Could we start an online forum to discuss what is right with the health care system in America? Are people fooled by the notion that, because we pay so much more than other countries do for health care, therefore it is better care?

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