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Fun Drinking Games for Tonight's Debate

Author: Bill Schmalfeldt
Published: September 07, 2011 at 10:25 am

So it shouldn't be a total loss, I'd like to suggest some fun drinking games if you intend to watch tonight's GOP Debate.

Get the hard liquor ready, and take a shot whenever...

Michele Bachmann get a 4th Grade historical fact wrong.

Rick Perry mentions "Texas."

Michele Bachmann reminds folks she's "from Iowa."

Rick Perry answers a question with, "Because I SAID so, Motherf*cker!"

Mitt Romney's eyes dart back and forth as he's answering a question.

Rick Perry nut punches somebody.

Someone — other than the moderators — mentions Ronald Reagan.

Mitt Romney's eyes dart back and forth when someone ELSE is answering a question.

Someone suggests cutting taxes.

Someone says the poor should pay more taxes.

Someone says there's too much regulation on business.

The mega wealthy who have created no jobs are referred to a "the job creators."

Michele Bachmann mentions "God" or "Jesus."

Rick Perry mentions "God" or "Jesus"

Someone refers to Obama as "socialist."


If anyone slips and says something overtly racist, chug an entire can of beer.

Better get to the liquor store and have an excuse ready to call in sick to work tomorrow. You're gonna be drunker than a monkey by 9pm!

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