Egypt's Future Found in America's Past

Author: Randy Koch
Published: January 31, 2011 at 10:41 am

Founding FathersEgypt’s future has arrived once again at the crossroads of history. Interestingly enough, America's past may hold the keys to its future. Will Egypt take this opportunity to become a beacon of hope for a troubled Middle East or squander yet another opportunity for greatness? The world is anxiously watching, which road will Egypt choose?

Time has a way of subpoenaing into question the motives and morality of past political leaders. Thankfully Egypt’s future does not depend on the psychoanalysis of great men and women of its past nor is Egypt bound to the failures of its recent leadership. Egypt’s future depends on something more profound, something more intrinsic than heated power struggles in high places. What can the people of Egypt learn from America's past?

The answer to this question lies within two of the most powerful documents in the world: the Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights. It is not fashionable in all circles to grant the United States a political mentoring position; however, these documents have served America and the world well and are both honorable and applicable to any nation desiring freedom.

The virtues of democracy are in danger of becoming marginalized in modern thought, not because democracy isn’t beneficial to all people, but because democracy doesn’t appeal to all people. Furthermore, democracy is in danger of losing its appeal and legitimacy from the present day redefining of its ideals by oppressive regimes around the world.

Savvy tyrannical governments interested in marketing themselves to a harassed populace have often tapped into the benefits of promised democratic representation. They succeed from time to time because deep down inside, every rational human being understands the wisdom of living free. But make no mistake about it: democracy is being redefined throughout the world to the detriment of nations. A democracy without respect to human rights, freedoms, and dignities is no democracy at all.

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