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Do Occupy Wall Street’s Critics Have a Point? - Page 2

Author: Jimmy Zuma
Published: October 06, 2011 at 6:32 pm

Right now, you may be doing the greatest civic duty of your lifetime. So enjoy yourself. Social change is supposed to be hard, but it is also supposed to be fun. If it’s not both, you’re not doing it right. Keep up the good work, fight the good fight, and always keep your eye on the next horizon. Save our country, will ya'?



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What is your political office talking about around the DC Water Cooler? Email Jimmy at jimmyzuma@smartvstupid.com or call 202.681.4091. America's Favorite Liberal™, Jimmy Zuma, writes Technorati's DC Water Cooler, a weekly feature of what the politicians and pundits are talking about. …

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