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Author: Marjorie Haun
Published: June 03, 2011 at 9:39 am

One of the most gruesome of Kevorkian's acts was broadcast in 1998 by CBS' "60 Minutes" which aired his killing of a 52 year old man who suffered with ALS. Kevorkian's death activities remained undeterred until his incarceration in 1999.

Kevorkian was loved by some, having received a Civil Activist Award from the Gleitsman Foundation in 2000.  But most people viewed him with an eye of suspicion.  Over the years details of his life surfaced that raised questions about his character, his nature, and his intent. He was a prolific artist, whose artwork is morbid, weird, and unsettling.  Most people believe the focus of medical professional should be on life, and life-saving procedures.  Kevorkian's preoccupation with death and his advocacy of the killing of suffering patients when other options exist ultimately made him one of the most ghoulish figures in American social engineering.


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