Cable News Anchors Question Military's Political Correctness

Author: Rachel Richmond
Published: November 14, 2009 at 8:11 pm

The past week has been full of shock, dismay, and discomfort for the majority of Americans as we learned more about the Ft. Hood crisis.

The week in review video from Media Matters contains disturbing quotes about this tragedy. We're “not being politically correct any longer,” according to some professional journalists. This is a direct assault on this nation's military and civility.

The military is a voluntary institution and does not rely on any single person's compliance through mandate to serve. This is how it is in America. The military does not need the media to seed the public with words of “political correctness.” The military, the nation's voluntary men and women, have enough to deal with at home and abroad.

But the most upsetting part this week are the journalists making accusations that the military is “infiltrated.” Why were the media attacking before anything concrete came from an investigation? As a nation, are we jumping to conclusions (guilty till proven innocent) of our own military?

The civility in this nation appears to be reaching a breaking point. After having watched journalists lead and give opinions about issues this week, it is no wonder many in this nation are in a state of confusion. What to believe? Who to believe? Is the military really infiltrated?


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