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Bobby Jindal and the Expat Problem - Page 2

Author: Shea Wong
Published: July 27, 2012 at 5:41 am

The Association of Americans Resident Overseas estimates that there are 6.32 million Americans living outside the US, with over 1.6 million alone in Europe. These Americans pay taxes to the US, and vote. They also remember a time when saying you were an American in the rest of the world could be a conversation stopper at the best of times, and dangerous at the worst. They have enjoyed a rebirth under the Obama administration, and watching the papers gleefully clock Romney's many mistakes reminds them of a former, darker time of 'Anglo-Saxon' relations, as well as 'America - Rest of World' relations.

While 6.3 million people may not seem like much, Jindal would do well to remember that we expats are politically motivated, are relatively immune to voter suppression laws, and equal the voting power of almost three Salt Lake City's put together. Ignoring them could be an ever greater mistake than angering a close British ally.


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