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First Published: Mar 19, 2012 / Last Published: Apr 22, 2014
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Andre (@SocialMktgFella) is the Managing Editor of Technorati. He's a top-ranked social media marketing and inbound marketing specialist, an advisor to Social Media Today, and maintains his own blog, Social Marketing Fella, focused on emerging social media industry technologies and trends. He serves as a copywriter and content marketing strategy consultant for several firms and brands, technologies and events in the San Francisco Bay Area. Follow him at | Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook | Google+

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    Social Marketing Fella
    This blog is focused on social media technology and inbound marketing trends, events, and happenings in the San Francisco Bay Area.
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  1. April 22, 2014

    Your mobile health apps and wearables are breathing life into digital wellness
    The future and forces of digital health, and the four mobile health app rules developers need for success in it.
  2. April 16, 2014

    Water balloon content marketing: Who says cyber security can't be fun? [VIDEO]
    What's so funny about cyber security? Normally, very little. But on this trolley-ride of a San Francisco night, something unusual happened: really fun video marketing.
  3. April 5, 2014

    Case Study: 'Pay after it works' social influencer program yields 300% ROI
    The company enables businesses to boost online sales and decrease net advertising costs by leveraging genuine customer engagement.
  4. April 3, 2014

    Why certain publishing hosts are better for certain website types
    your company website needs to be hosted with the best web hosting provider for you; not what’s best for most people’s needs.
  5. March 26, 2014

    How to get free press: Be social, follow through, and make a cool product people can afford
    I love a responsive company. And I like them even more it they're willing to take-on an industry giant like Google, and offer a "pay a little, get a whole lot more" SaaS solution.
  6. Nielsen study reveals when you need expert content to drive inbound marketing - #AdtechSF
    You need expert content in your marketing mix, now more than ever. Here's to know when and where.
  7. Bitcoin: The “rich white male disaster" seeks political heroes (and the IRS isn't one of them)
    So while in the Colorado, the cannabis industry is driving investor excitement, everywhere else in the world, virtual currency is arguably the hottest industry to quickly go from courtship to financial marriage.
  8. March 12, 2014

    Top #SXSW social media honors to the little red box with a whole lot of clout
    This week at SXSW, the Human Rights social media campaign came full circle, and HRC walked away with full honors, and full glory.
  9. March 11, 2014

    Social advertising for social good wins top #SXSW award
    With over 1,600 missing person cold cases in Australia, the Australian Federal Police needed a cost effective way to search for new leads. This advertising solution helped deliver it.
  10. March 4, 2014

    Why 'mobile development' is the hottest focus in tech innovation
    It's not just about the money. Pure innovation and the curiosity to build entirely new relationships between objects, tasks, and locations is what drives mobile developers, as well.