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First Published: Jun 09, 2010 / Last Published: Jul 19, 2013
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Scott Gulbransen is the Director of Social Media at tax giant H&R Block and is an avid blogger. He is the co-founder and a contributor at Every Other Thursday, a Dad's blog, and and also writes about social media, business and public relations at Gulbransen is a former print journalist and is a graduate of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) and is the married father of five kids. You can follow his rantings on Twitter @sdgully and you can email him at

Scott Gulbransen's articles

  1. December 4, 2010

    Christie Governing Without Concern for Political Future
    Refreshing lack of concern for his re-election chances, New Jersey governor is changing the game
  2. November 19, 2010

    Open Letter to Palin Haters
    The Left's obsession with the former Alaska governor is just plain creepy.
  3. Capital One Bets on Women and Football
    The contest enlists the help of college women via social media.
  4. November 8, 2010

    Election Results Do Not Mean Any Politician Has a Mandate
    No one can claim victory for Americans firing a good part of their federal government.
  5. October 21, 2010

    Will America Recover Under Republicans? Probably Not
    Republicans might get the keys to Congress but will they do anything to help you and me?
  6. September 23, 2010

    Obama: The Job Killer
    Wrong focus has Obama continuing to drive the American economy into the ground.
  7. September 9, 2010

    Ground Zero Mosque a Test
    Development near Ground Zero an assault on Western culture.
  8. September 3, 2010

    Obama and His Titanic Presidency Continue to Sink
    Latest jobless numbers show Obama has squandered taxpayer money with nothing to show for it
  9. August 26, 2010

    Excuse Me, Mr. President, We Thought You Should Govern
    The Dufus in Chief Continues to Show His Inability to Govern
  10. July 30, 2010

    The Continued California Disaster
    California's financial woes underscore the tarnished life of the residents of the Golden State