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First Published: Jun 08, 2011 / Last Published: Aug 30, 2011
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Eileen Lenson, MSW, ACSW, Diplomate, comes to Life Coaching with an expansive combination of education, clinical training, and experience in the field of psychology. She holds a Masters degree in Clinical Social Work, and was a practicing psychotherapist, working with individuals, couples, families and groups for over 20 years. She has authored the book, Succeeding in Private Practice: A Business Guide for Psychotherapists, wrote a chapter in the book, Grief and Bereavement in Contemporary Society, and was a columnist for numerous newspapers and magazines in Arizona, Texas and California. She was a frequent radio guest a speaker at national and international conferences, and taught ethics at George Washington University. Her coaching sessions aim to bring out the best in individuals. “I help clients identify what they want to learn, change or solve, and we establish a plan to achieve these goals. I want clients to break through the barriers that prevent them from reaching their goals. I accomplish this by raising my client’s awareness of their feelings, thoughts, actions and motivations, and identifying new skills needed in order to be successful and obtain their goals. We’re looking at changes that can last a lifetime.” Typical reasons clients come to Lenson for coaching include: to gain control over feeling overwhelmed, not having enough time for themselves, feeling isolated, unappreciated, disrespected, or lacking confidence, conflict between parenting and career or work/life balance, health and wellness issues, relationship concerns, and communication with others. Twitter: @LensonLifeCoach Linkedin: Eileen Lenson

Eileen Lenson's articles

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