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I am a wife, a mom to a toddler and a momtrepreneur born and bred in Manila. The title of my blog may mislead you to think I am an alpha mom who is the epitome of Desperate Housewife Brie Vandecamp. Let me stop you right there. First of all, I am 20 pounds away from her body (in a bad way). Second, I cannot cook. Third, anything I touch in the garden turns to mulch. As you can see, I am far from perfect. I admit that I do TEND to be O.C. in some aspects of my life … … Ok, a lot of aspects in my life. With my blog, I hope to chronicle my own O.C. mom experiences -- from personal and home cleaning and disinfecting, infectious diseases, correct grammar, organization, O.C. gadgets and nerdy travels. Along with these, I'll hopefully get stories from my O.C. mom readers out there too.

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    OC Mom in Manila

    I started "OC Mom in Manila" on November 1, 2010. My blog is about stories of O.C. moms in Manila, their behavior, habits and funny quirks, which they …
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