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Dateline: Balancing life between the boardroom and the classroom
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First Published: Aug 15, 2010 / Last Published: Oct 06, 2011
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Daria is the writer and founder of Mom in Management and Saving to be Rich. She writes about leadership and business trends, parenting, marriage and staying sane on Mom in Management. On Saving to be Rich, she writes about building wealth one dollar at a time. She is busy working full time, writing, and raising her 3 children in Denver, Colorado. In the rare free moment, she enjoys reading, drinking wine, and skiing.

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    Mom In Management

    I have 15 years experience in the corporate world, 10 years experience in the marriage arena, 8 1/2 years experience being a Mom, and about 4 years …
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    Saving to be Rich

    I started this blog to track our finances and tally the savings I've made with passive income investments, stocks and couponing. It is a personal …
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Daria Giron's articles

  1. December 20, 2010

    Are we Protecting our Children or Stifling them?
    How do we balance our kids' safety with independence?
  2. December 8, 2010

    Where Does the Christmas Mania End?
    out of control values
  3. November 17, 2010

    Paycheck Fairness Act Voted Down Today in the Senate
    No help from the Senate for Women's Equality in wages.
  4. November 5, 2010

    Denver Zoo is FREE
    Only 2 free Denver Zoo days left in 2010
  5. Current Babysitter Rates
    Babysitter calculator
  6. October 8, 2010

    Can I Have Work/Life Balance Working Full Time?
    Stay at Home Dad and Full Time Working Mom - Recipe for Success? Or Disaster?
  7. September 2, 2010

    Interior Design Tips
    DIY re-upholstery and save.
    in DIY
  8. August 26, 2010

    Denver Cat Lovers: Adopt For Free Until Aug 31st
    Colorado Shelters - Denver and Castle Rock
  9. Trophy Husband
    Or Stay at Home Dad?
  10. August 15, 2010

    Short Sighted Comments Criticize Charity for School Supplies Donation
    Education is important and worth supporting if we care about America's financial stability.