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First Published: Jun 25, 2010 / Last Published: Dec 30, 2010
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Alex Priest is a student at American University in Washington, D.C. studying marketing, public communications and statistics. He has wide-ranging interests but a particular passion for social media, mobile technology, politics, and marketing. With experience on capitol hill, in nonprofits, PR, marketing, and activism, he's seen social media and mobile technology used in a variety of contexts and is constantly looking forward to the future.

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  1. August 30, 2010

    Blogs May Describe Afghanistan More Honestly Than the News
    There is sometimes an incredible divide between the news as presented by bloggers versus traditional journalists.
  2. Social Media How-To, Courtesy of... IBM?
    Computing giant IBM has rolled out a new page on their website for "Getting started with social media."
  3. August 29, 2010

    On Social Media, Wear Your Politics (But Not Your Heart) on Your Sleeve
    I'm a big believer that when it comes to social media, you should wear your politics on your sleeve.
  4. August 28, 2010

    Facebook, Microsoft and More: The Companies Everyone Loves to Hate
    So you hate Google, Microsoft, and Facebook. But do you hate them for a reason, or just because you can?
  5. August 27, 2010

    Pew Study Shows Social Media Use Nearly Doubling Among Older Users
    A Pew research study released today shows that social media usage has grown dramatically over the past year--particularly among older users.
  6. August 26, 2010

    Google Realtime Gets More Aggressive Toward Taking on Twitter
    Google has released an update to their real-time search component, presenting it as a potential challenger to Twitter's own built-in real-time search.
  7. Facebook 2.0? Scoop Wants to Take the Social Network Back to Its Roots--The Campus
    Google CEO Eric Schmidt is placing a bet on a new social network called Scoop to take on Facebook.
  8. August 25, 2010

    Dear Social Media Gurus, Ninjas and Dragon-Slayers: Please Go Away
    Just a few reasons all the social media "gurus" and "ninjas" are totally worthless.
  9. August 24, 2010

    Your Blog is More than a Microphone: Tips for Being an Engaging Blogger
    But blogging should be about much more than just what you think. It should also be about the community you interact and engage with on a daily basis.
  10. August 23, 2010

    Philadelphia Asks Bloggers for $300 License Fee
    Philly's $300 business license for bloggers is not only is it a drag on small business but a blatant constitutional violation of our freedom of speech, as well.