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AdaPia d'Errico is creative strategy consultant, working with artists and creative brand owners across various categories of media, merchandising and brand extension. AdaPia is an early adopter of creative marketing techniques, especially social media marketing, networking, fan engagement and online community building, applying and innovating these strategies in an ever-changing digital media world. Today, AdaPia works with artists, companies and creative IP owners in fine art, illustration, consumer products, publishing, gaming, animation, television and film.

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    Camilla d'Errico
    Camilla d'Errico is a pop surrealist painter, urban contemporary artist, comic and manga creator, and one of today's most sought after, pervasive artists. …
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    The Business of art
    Mainly information, tips, resources and insights into how independent artists - of all genres, fields and techniques - can promote themselves, use the …
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