What is Going On at Luton Airport? £2 to Push a Trolley Around!

Author: Chris Fryer
Published: July 26, 2010 at 1:46 pm


Luton Airports 100% Increase in Trolley Charges

So it's been announced recently that Luton airport has increased its baggage trolley charges from £1 to £2, and a lot of travelers passing through Luton airport do not seem to be too happy about it.

As a big traveler myself, I was not too happy about it when I heard, but instead of moaning, I thought I'd try to find out some more information. Well, I'm glad I did because all is not what it seems to be!

Firstly, it's not actually Luton airport imposing the increase; it's Bagport, the airport's trolley operator. They even stated that Luton airport did not request the increase in charge. I also found out that Bagport has increased the charges at Bristol airport and that talks are underway about doing the same at Cardiff airport.

That said, it's the passengers who will suffer and have to stump up this extra charge, but it's also Luton airport who will be getting some stick over this, because I think that most people passing through will see this as a charge increase direct from the airport itself.

When I travel through Luton airport in the future, I will still pay for a trolley for the sake of convenience, but I do expect to see a lot more people pulling their own bags around the airport.

Putting all of this into perspective, a £1 increase is not too much, but I think it will be a matter of principle with many travelers, who will be quite annoyed at yet another extra charge taking money out of their holiday funds.

A similar comparison can be made with Luton airport parking, but thankfully, I've managed to overcome this by using an airport parking comparison website to compare charges from several parking companies. Maybe some competition in the airport trolley contracts would be a good thing for travelers!



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