From BlogWorld Expo: Five Tips To Creating Travel Porn

Author: Leslie Grandy
Published: October 16, 2010 at 9:54 am

Traveling around the world, taking pictures and writing about your experiences. Who wouldn’t want to give up their day job in a fluorescent-lit cubicle to do that? While many of us daydream about faraway places, Gary Arndt, one of the most successful online travel bloggers, and creator of Everything Everywhere, sold his house and put his possessions into storage in order to travel around the world. Arndt

Speaking to a room full of hopeful world wanderers at BlogWorld and New Media Expo 2010, Arndt offered five tricks to building a career as a travel blogger and creating the kind of content that lets you trot the globe for a living. The session, entitled “Travel Porn,” provided helpful tips garnered from the most successful online content business of all, adult entertainment. What do travel writing and porn have in common? “Porn is people watching people do things you’ll never do with people you will never do,” Arndt says, and “travel readers are also people watching people do things you'll never do at places you will never go.”

Here are Arndt’s five tips for creating a successful travel blog.

1) Don’t forget the “money shot.” Photos are memorable, easily shareable and much more interesting than pages of text. Pictures of spectacular places are timeless and fuel our imagination in ways that words often can’t. Photos don’t require good spelling or grammar.
2) Be a porn star. “Content is not king. You are,” according to Arndt. We follow interesting people online, that’s why marketers use the term “conversational media” to describe social network communication. But who knows who wrote the articles in National Geographic or the travel guide in the local newspaper?

3) You can’t fake it. Bloggers have to find their own voice to find a loyal audience. And since travel writers typically share their own life experiences on the road, it’s important to be authentic and credible to build a following.

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