Sustainable Lifestyle: The New American Dream

Author: Iain Richmond
Published: February 25, 2011 at 2:17 pm

Smaller efficient homes, debt free, healthy environment and a smaller work week, could this be the new American dream? Those of us teaching the philosophy and merits of sustainable living are seeing a peaceful, yet soulful, uprising around the country.

People of all backgrounds are finding a path to workshops, seminars and volunteer groups that focus on teaching everyday citizens to safely build small homes that meet local building codes, grow organic gardens is small spaces, reduce their debt and increase their savings.

Entire communities are forming around the principles of reducing consumption and moving away from the true American past time of spending ahead and paying later. The idea of saving first, reducing overall consumption and living with greater economic freedom is catching on in the United States.

A philosophical shift towards the benefits of sustainable living is happening across the wide spectrums of politics, incomes and ethnicities. We are following the trends of Europe whose citizens came to the same conclusion decades ago, sustainable living leads to living well.

Just look to the Scandinavian countries that rank in the top ten in prosperity, sustainability and in the top 15 in the Environmental Performance Index (EPI.

What is the common thread that runs through these prosperous nations? Living a sustainable lifestyle. Lifestyles that create greater amounts of free time, healthier bodies, less stress, higher levels of entrepreneurial spirit and a commitment to communities, nature and personal growth.

Sustainable living, the new American Dream?


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