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Protecting the Planet with Energy Independence

Author: Nicole Wong
Published: June 01, 2010 at 5:34 pm


solarThe first SolarDay was held in 2009 and was hosted by the city of San Francisco, which used bio-diesel buses to show participants a tour of the Golden Gate City.

In just a year, SolarDay has grown from a single-event in a single city to one that will be held in over 40 cities this year.

On June 19, SolarDay will include many events that show residents their energy options, solar rebates, and ways to reduce the cost of their electricity bills for years to come. Homeowners and businesses will learn about energy audits to find out exactly how much energy they are using, and wasting!

By the end of 2010, Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) estimates the U.S. solar energy will surpass 60,000 jobs. The industry will extend existing programs, including the Treasury Grant Program, add 200,000 new domestic jobs to the solar workforce and result in 10 gigawatts of new solar installations by 2016. This is enough to power 2 million homes.

This is important to know not just because solar energy industries provide green jobs and clean energy, but because the cost of electricity continues to rise each year.

Fifty percent of the electric energy produced in the U.S. is from burning coal, which is dangerous to mine and produces highly toxic coal ash when burned.

The recent crude oil disaster, which is still spilling crude oil into the Gulf, proves that our ecosystem is fragile and that we urgently need to make a switch to cleaner, renewable sources of energy by supporting the solar industries. Clean energy has to become more mainstream and more accessible.

Increasingly, people are adopting greener lifestyles for both ethical and economic reasons. Government support of solar on the state and federal level has made solar affordable.

People with solar installations for their homes and businesses can significantly reduce their monthly energy bills.

If the cost of installation is holding homeowners and businesses from investing in solar energy, there are many incentive and rebate programs that can reduce the cost of a solar installation by nearly half.

Some solar companies will even install a solar installation at no cost — and simply charge you for the electricity you consumer — at a guaranteed rate with no surprises.

The public is invited to attend the many events being held on Sunday, June 19. For more information, please visit the website.


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