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The Rise and Rise of Low Dosage Organisms. - Page 2

Author: Steve Vaughan
Published: December 05, 2010 at 5:18 pm

E COLI 01-57 is one of the most infamous bacteria around, first discovered in Canada in the 80's it has spread around the world. E Coli is a widespread organism and there are many different types but 01-57 is the most notorious. It is normally found in the bowels of animals. But because just 10 can cause illness it can be found in a wide variety of food vehicles. 01-57 can cause serious illness through the Vero-toxin which has been found in raw and under-cooked meats, unpasteurised milk and dairy products, raw vegetables and unpasteurised apple juice.

In the UK we have an E-coli 01-57 outbreak every 10-12 weeks on average and it has killed in the region of 300 people since it was first discovered. In the Uk's worst food poisoning outbreak caused by E-coli 01-57 21 people died and up to 500 became infected in an outbreak that lasted for about 12 weeks.

Scientist have discovered many other low dosage organisms that are a threat to human health, if care is not taken in the preparation of food.

We all need to protect ourselves and the Food Standards Agency (FSA)http://www.food.gov.uk/ recommends following the 4 C's Cooking thoroughly, avoiding Cross Contamination, good standards of Cleaning and Chilled storage.


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