Your Role In Human Trafficking & Modern Slavery

Author: Bryan Cain-Jackson
Published: January 26, 2012 at 5:36 am

With all of the troubles that this world sees, the one you will be educated on right now may shock you into submission. In a conversation with faith based investor, Mark Regier, we learn about a peril that we are extremely large contributors to on a daily basis. Mark also provides education on how we can be part of the solution.

How many times have you gone up in an airplane? Now take 30% of those times and ask yourself; have you ever been afraid of not returning home? Sadly, when most don’t return home it's because of a plane crash, or another accident of some kind.

Did you ever think that you would not return home because you became the property of someone else?

Unfortunately, human trafficking and modern slavery are becoming all too familiar of a business in which the people’s rights to freedom are not being adhered to.

Mark Regier, director of Stewardship Investing for Everence Financial, is a faith based investor. It's hard to imagine one being a faith based investor in a business that is directly associated with capitalism. However, it's very true. Mark specifically deals with investments that are of a socially responsible nature. Mark discusses where his company falls in to this unique niche.

“As social investors and faith based in particular for my own firm, we are very interested in that space where the social intersects in the financial. Also, in trying to understand how the standard conduct of our lives influenced the transactions that we have decided to make. Whether we have to invest in our futures or the needs for the future of our organization, the needs for our family and how does that play out with the convictions that we carry? Is it driven by religion? Is it driven by personal values?” Regier said.

At Everence Financial, it is Mark's responsibility to identify investments in companies that do not condone human trafficking and modern slavery in any form, both directly and indirectly.

“Particularly, in the justice system and in human rights, human trafficking is one of the brightest areas in terms of concerns in our world where sadly in the year 2012, we are talking about modern slavery that is a rampant problem in our society globally.”

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