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Author: Marsha Hallet
Published: June 17, 2011 at 11:03 pm

The very stuffed hosts we see on cooking channels should provide a visual cue that something is wrong. Paula Dean, the queen of southern cuisine, needs to protect her heritage and use her platform to demonstrate a healthier cooking style. And Emeril Lagasse, the king of New Orleans cooking, could join her.  I honestly don't know how the Barefoot Contessa can hail from a thin state like Connecticut when her secret ingredient is butter. Only Jamie Oliver, the Brit, is trying to use his fame to improve our health in America.  What is wrong with us?

The Surgeon General's Report concludes: "Good nutrition, regular physical activity, and stress management significantly contribute to achieving optimal health." (p.12)

Americans will be more likely to change their behavior if they have a meaningful reward——something more than just reaching a certain weight or BMI measurement. That reward is invigorating, energizing, joyous health. It is a level of health that allows people to embrace each day and live their lives to the fullest—without disease, disability, or lost productivity.
Why do we have to be told that life is worth living?


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