Spiritual Progress in a Busy Lifestyle

Author: Jeyaprakash Maria
Published: April 28, 2011 at 10:06 am

 Our Life Style

In our current trend of life, we are quite busy with our profession, having strong goals oriented towards earning fame and money. 

This professional life has to be balanced with the family life. For that, one has to renounce all the problems of the professional life and become a new person inside the family to play different roles as a house-holder. Many do this naturally and many learn to do this in the due course of time. If one is not successful in doing this, it may end up in a stressful life.

There is one more important component in our life, which is the spiritual evolution. This third component is ignored at times in our busy schedule. It is quite necessary to give some time to spiritual evolution as it is the grand base for our entire life.

What We Are in Reality

 If you shut down all your thoughts for a while and raise these question in your mind: What we are in reality? what are we doing in this world? Am I going to carry with me what I earn, when I leave this body? and so on... it may be quite daunting.

The answer for all these questions have been very well been answered by the spiritual texts. The brief of the answer is, we are spiritual beings, confined in this physical body, to perform some roles in this birth, according to our karma and individual will.

If we go along with our thoughts and fail to raise these questions, we may miss a very important component in our life, the spiritual aspect. When we raise these questions, the spiritual journey starts. If we find the answer for these questions, through experience, the great journey succeeds.

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