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Serial Superglue Barber Finally Caught

Author: Matt Sussman
Published: January 06, 2010 at 1:21 pm

Jared WalterPerpPlexity is a periodical celebration of criminals who have yet to reach the mastermind status — we'll settle for asking them to simply think the next time.

All right, a serial creepster. This should be fun for the whole family.

His name is Jared Walter, and on New Year's Eve he was arrested for trying to cut a female stranger's hair on the bus in Portland, Oregon. Then it gets weird.

That very same bus had two prior reports of similar incidents. On top of that, he's also wanted for assault in King County, Washington, for trying to put glue in someone's hair.

Go back as far as last summer in the Houston suburb of Pasadena, and there were three reports of females — one as young as 12 years old — discovering superglue in their hair at the store. The "glue-like substance" sizzled and burned to the point that chunks of their hair fell out or had to be purposely snipped off. It's entirely possible they're all done by the same sticky-fingered soul, since he recently lived in Houston.

Usually an at-large criminal's perversions get worse and worse, but it looks like this guy at least kicked the superglue habit. Or maybe he realized that, in order to collect strands of hair from strangers in a disturbing fashion, applying something adhesive to the head sort of has the opposite effect.

Finally, for bonus points, via the Houston Press blog Hair Balls comes a most excellent Jared Walter Facebook page. And look, he's addicted to Farmville. He's just like us!


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