Roommates: Party Girl Casey Anthony Showed No Sadness Over Loss

Author: Steve Woods
Published: May 25, 2011 at 10:30 am

Part of Technorati’s ongoing special coverage of the Casey Anthony murder trial.

The second day of the Casey Anthony murder trial got underway in Orlando, Florida, following afternoon testimony yesterday by George Anthony, Casey’s father. During that cross-examination, George Anthony stated that he had never molested his daughter, one of the many bombshell allegations made by Casey’s attorney, Jose Baez in the morning during opening statements.

George also denied allegations made by Baez that he had first found his granddaughter Cayley’s body in the pool, then conspired with others including Casey to concoct a coverup of the child’s death, alleged by defense attorney Baez to have been an accidental drowning.

Testimony continued this morning:

First before the jury were Nathan Lezniewicz and Cameron Campana, both former roommates of Casey Anthony’s boyfriend, Tony Lazzaro. Both testified to the court that neither saw Casey Anthony ever angry, sad or depressed, even during the time period that Casey’s daughter Caylee was missing but not yet reported as such.

During bombshell opening statements yesterday, Anthony’s defense attorney Jose Baez shrugged off statements by State prosecutor Linda Drane Burdick regarding his client’s seemingly uncaring and downright unusual behavior after daughter Caylee was presumed dead. Baez chalked up Casey’s behavior to a psychological response due to alleged long-term child molestation on the part of Casey’s father George Anthony, and even brother Lee.

Casey Anthony’s brother Lee did not attend yesterday’s hearing, although Casey’s parents George and Cindy were present.

Both room mates stated that when they questioned Casey about her daughter, they remember being told that Caylee was either with a nanny at Disney World, or visiting the beach.

Next on the stand was Clint House, roommate of Lazzaro for almost 2 months during the period of time in question. During cross-examination, House called Casey “a fun party girl, someone that would probably get along well with our group of friends.” This is in line with a number of famously salacious party photographs of Casey and friends, posted online during the time of Caylee’s disappearance.

According to House, Casey Anthony lived at Lazzaro’s apartment rent-free, earning her keep by cooking and cleaning, as well as spending time at a local club called Fusion, helping to promote it. Some of the controversial photos were taken at this club, during ongoing promotional events.

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