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Regular Exercise is Key to Life Extension, Weight Loss Goals

Author: John Phillip
Published: December 09, 2010 at 6:50 pm


Did you know that regular exercise is the most important lifestyle habit that has been shown to dramatically lower the risk from more than 20 different physical and mental health conditions? It’s likely you do know that exercise is important for health and weight loss goals, yet few people come close to exercising 150 minutes per week, as recommended by health researchers and medical experts.

Exercise plays an essential role in fat metabolism that can safely help with weight loss for many people, and it can be pivotal in preventing many conditions including cancer, heart disease, dementia, stroke, type 2 diabetes, depression, obesity and high blood pressure. Exercise has been shown to slow down the rate of aging, and provides the closest example of a real life fountain of youth we may ever experience.

Study Finds that Exercise Extends Cell Life
Researchers are beginning to understand that the process of getting older that we call aging is not a normal process. The rate which cells age is much more a function of diet and lifestyle factors, rather than a straight line chronological event. The results of a study published in The International Journal of Clinical Practice demonstrate that accelerated aging is a function of modifiable lifestyle choices including diet, physical activity level, smoking and obesity.

Each of these factors affects our genes and in turn determine metabolic rate and provide protection against many of the modern lifestyle killer diseases. The study focused on exercise and provided evidence how 30 minutes of moderate exercise each day can lower the risk of 25 diseases including heart disease, stroke and cancer in men.

Exercise Improves Insulin Response
Regular exercise has been shown to help normalize insulin response, paving the path toward improved blood sugar control, lower risk from metabolic disease and natural weight loss. Insulin is a powerful hormone that is essential to life, but can wreak havoc throughout your body when excess amounts are allowed to circulate in the blood, or when insulin becomes ineffective in ushering sugar from the blood to the cells and muscles for energy.

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