Healthcare Reform in NHS - Is Competition Always Bad? - Page 2

Author: Hugo Minney
Published: May 29, 2011 at 6:52 pm

The next time you think about politics, instead of voting along party traditional lines, decide what you want for your own children, for when you're in work, out of work, or sick, and when you get old.

Do you really want to live in a world where you don't dare ask the doctor about a slight cough in case it turns out to be expensive, where 60 percent of bankruptcies are caused by having to pay healthcare bills?
I don't mind what you think, whether you think privatisation is good to the NHS or not, but I urge you to take action - write to your representative, and don't take it lying down!


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Article Author: Hugo Minney

Working with the National Health Service and CVS in UK, I like to take pot shots at what clearly isn't working. But I'm responsible - my key role is to start to make things work. Now there's a life ambition!

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