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Face It: The Name Game Trend

Author: karthik sabapathy
Published: May 18, 2011 at 6:19 am

Facebook 'Like' button I started wondering when parents would start naming their babies with names such as "tag" or "digg" or even "Rofl" after reading a report about an Israeli couple naming their baby "Like", apparently drawing inspiration from Facebook etymology. May be the trend has already begun and am just late in catching up with it. Yes... I can very well imagine a sweet little girl somewhere out there with her first name as "Twitter"! It is high time for the list of baby names to be updated to include the verbs belonging to social networking jargon.

The Israeli couple claim to have gifted their child with a unique and creative name. May be they just wanted her to become as famous as Facebook itself. After all, fame is, as much a motivation as money or power. The extent and ease of reach achieved by social networking sites makes it all the more tempting and at the same time turns the internet into a highly competitive platform with hundreds of thousands attempting desperately to grab the eyeballs of millions. The phenomenon is as powerful as it is fleeting to those who want a piece of it. It is as inspiring as it is monotonous to the rest. In a nut shell, the virtual society is vast realm of contradictions. In spite of all this, I still cannot fathom, why would anyone name their child, "Like" ( I, personally, think "Luke" is far interesting) and henceforth turning her into a breathing, walking advertisement for the multi- billion dollar social networking service as if we haven't had enough of it ! Naming babies after a famous personality is not something new, but this one appears to be bordering absurdity.

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