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Choosing the Right Shoes for a Suit

Author: tom murphy
Published: December 09, 2010 at 6:44 pm


When men go shopping for shoes to wear with a suit, they are invariably confused and befuddled with the vast array of styles on offer. Despite the fashion trends slated for 2011, there are some basic rules of the road that men can follow when selecting a pair of shoes for their wardrobe, especially suits.

The first rule of thumb is that the shape of the shoe should always tie in with the shape of the suit. If the suit is narrow fitting with tapered trousers then it is important that the shoe is long, pointed and slender. As well as giving a more coordinated, fashionable look, the narrower ends of a fitted suit will do more for the appearance of the shoe.

When a suit is a more relaxed or comfortable fit, we would recommend a wider shaped shoe in the more classical style. A brogue or an oxford style does more justice to this type of suit.

When it comes to choosing the right color there are a few important factors to bear in mind. Black shoes are always a safe bet with gray, black, or even navy suits. In the case of the latter however it may be better to consider other options as sometimes black is not the best option for a navy suit. It may be best to look at tan or oxford browns as an alternative.

Tan shoes are a must with brown, taupe or beige suits and black should not even be considered. It is more difficult to team tan shoes with a black suit, although if done correctly it can be quite effective.

What types of shoes do you like to wear with your suits? What do you look for when buying new shoes?


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