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Author: Daniel OLeary
Published: December 05, 2010 at 9:26 pm

I asked Montreal's Royal Victoria Hospital physiotherapist, Danièle Poulin, if there has been a marked increase in patients showing up with back injuries resulting from sitting in front of a computer. She confirmed the increase in back problems from sedentary work, but did not have statistics identifying the share caused by computer work. Ms. Poulin added that the proportion of younger people with lower back pain has risen, and that for this group there is a discogenic connection. Those of us of a certain age will automatically think of Saturday nights, but no, it refers to spinal disks.

You would think that there would be a plethora of scientific studies, investigating the causes of computer-related sedentary hazards, and proposing preventive measures. But there seem to be surprisingly few, even when searching with Google Scholar. I invite you to search, and let us know what you find. I found one; "Sitting as a hazard". It is cited by only two other papers. In fairness there are many studies that deal with clinical aspects of treatment, and papers on ergonomic issues.

Whatever you decide to search for, you are better off getting away from this PC than reading what you find. Go swimming, cycling, dancing! He said, clutching his cane. And if you are still sitting in front of a screen reading this you may be busting your behind. Why?

And whom should I sue, Gates, Jobs, Ellison, or Zuckerberg?


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