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A Stronger America

Author: Laurie Borland
Published: September 13, 2011 at 5:54 pm

In lieu of the date 9/11, I believe we are a stronger America. But stronger we must become....not in the sense of a bully, but for the future of our next 7 generations. What legacy will we leave them? How do we move our nation forward? Those are the kind of questions A Stronger America asks on MSNBC and posts on its Facebook page.

Questions are a wonderful tool of discovery and learning, but when do questions become a noose around an issue we are trying to resolve? When do we stop asking questions and build a strategy for a solution?

When a corporation has a problem arise that needs a strategical solution.....they pull together their best executives and associates and assemble an adhoc team to sort through all possible scenarios. They work out all the bugs so as to arrive with a solution and roll it out to the corporation. Now....I am not quite sure what it is we do with political issues that need a strategical resolution on. It appears we just throw it out to the public and let them hear who ever has an opinion on the subject. Let's take for example.....education and the need for excellent teachers. For a moment....let's define excellent. Dictionary.com defines ex•cel•lent [ek-suh-luhnt] as an adjective 1. possessing outstanding quality or superior merit; remarkably good. 2.Archaic. extraordinary; superior.

The first definition advises that someone of excellence possesses superior merit. Merit....hmmmm. Why is it that we are so hung up on ousting teachers based on achieving merit? To survive in a company one must exhibit merit. In retail corporate America, we measure performance based on a +/- sales plan analysis, but this is not used alone. One may fall short of the performance sales plan goals (which may have been to aggressively high in the first place). When one exceeds or falls short of specific sales plans, an analysis is done as to WHY one was +/- to sales plan. The analysis takes into consideration the market at the time (9/11 just occurred, the stock market crashed, what is trending and where the trend is moving) Once the market is reviewed, than the buyer must go another step further and ask questions....how do I capitalize on the growth I have had or how do I change my downtrend in sales plan to a positive one?

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