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A Saison for Every Season - Page 2

Author: Nathan Frye, CWE, CS, CSS
Published: December 03, 2011 at 5:41 am

Second, the aforementioned spiciness of the saison beers worked in conjunction with their balanced levels of hops to refresh the palate regardless of the fact that a couple of the beers were over 9% abv - this factor of refreshment kept me coming back for another sip, and kept me primed to engaged my next bite of food. Saison is great food beer - remember that, if nothing else.

Third, the Belgian versions of saison that we enjoyed, and we had four of them, had a distinct sense of terroir that we wine nerds spout about when we encounter wines that really have a sense of place. Terroir exists in other products, too - for instance, cheese and beer. Though the American versions of saison were very good, you could tell that they weren't born of the same place that the pack of Belgian saisons hailed from...what can I say?

My cousin has yet to brew a saison, but he said it's next on his docket. I'll keep you in the loop when he opens a commercial brewery, I have a feeling a saison-style beer will be part of his stable of beers. Until then, head out to your local beer store or pub and sip a saison, you'll be glad you did.


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