75% of Photos on Facebook are of Drunk People

Author: Adi Gaskell
Published: December 16, 2011 at 5:18 am

facebook when drunkThe holiday season is well under way and many a work Christmas party is being had, with the inevitable drunken adventures that ensue. A new study suggests however that the British are drunk all year round, at least if you go by their Facebook profiles.

The study, conducted by MyMemory, suggests that as many as 76% of all photos posted on Facebook are taken when the people in them are either drunk or on the way to being so. 76%!!

“We’re all guilty of going out and having a good time, but nowadays the photos inevitably catch up with us online, so we wanted to look at how much these photos dominate our presence on social media sites,” says Rebecca Huggler, co-founder of MyMemory, which conducted the study.

What's quite scary is that around 25% of these people also had no privacy settings on their Facebook account, so their drunken photos are open for the whole world to see.  That's colleagues, employers, random Facebook stalkers, the works.

Is this a global thing?  Do other countries have quite the need to get drunk before they photograph themselves for Facebook, or is it purely a British thing?


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