The Big Bang Theory Recap - "The Alien Parasite Hypothesis"

Author: Patrick Hester
Published: December 11, 2010 at 8:00 am

Show: The Big Bang Theory
Episode Title: 'The Alien Parasite Hypothesis'
Air Date: December 9th, 2010
Network: CBS

On a girls night out with Penny & Bernadette, Sheldon's friend Amy Farrah Fowler (Mayim Bialik), who is a friend and a girl but not a girlfriend, finds herself experiencing sexual attraction - or it could be symptoms of an alien parasite using her body as a host. Or menopause. Meanwhile, Raj & Howard argue over who would be the superhero and who the sidekick should they receive powers from a radioactive animal bite.

Warning - Spoilers Abound!

"You get bit by a radioactive animal in a lab, you kinda want to turn into a superhero."

When Howard tells the boys that someone was bitten by a radioactive rat in a recent lab accident, Raj becomes obsessed with the idea of becoming Rat-Man! He tells Howard he can be his sidekick, Mouse-Boy. Or perhaps Vermin.

Offended by the notion that he is sidekick material and not the hero, Howard begins a series of hilarious tests to see who should be who, including sticking your hand in a bucket with a giant spider and ending with the funniest non-contact wrestling match I've seen on TV.

Elsewhere, Sheldon and Amy are dealing with the idea and ramifications of the idea that she may have experienced sexual attraction for an ex of Penny's. For Sheldon, this may indicate that Amy is not the 'highly evolved creature of intellect' he thought she was. This leads to a Star Trek conversation:

"Did you see Star Trek: The Motion Picture?"


"Don't. It's terrible. However, in it we learn that when Spock finds himself drawn off the path of logic by feelings bubbling up from his human half, he suppresses them using the Vulcan discipline of kolinahr."

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