SNL's Devil to Penn State: You Give The Devil a Bad Name

Author: Stephen Alexander
Published: November 17, 2011 at 11:54 am

The Devil goes by many names: Abaddon, Angel of the Bottomless Pit, Apollyon, Accuser of our Brethren, Adversary, Roaring Lion, Angel of Light, Antichrist, Beelzebub, Ruler of the Demons, Belial, Devil, Dragon, Great Dragon, Serpent of Old, Enemy, Wicked One, Father of Lies, Gates of Hell, God of this Age, Great Fiery Red Dragon, Liar, Lucifer, Man of Sin, Son of Perdition, Murderer, Power of Darkness, Power of Death, Prince of the Power of the Air, Spirit Who Now Works in Sons of Disobedience, Rulers of the Darkness of this Age, Ruler of this World, Serpent, Tempter, Thief, Unclean Spirit, Wicked One, and of course the Devil.

The Devil is Shocked about the Penn State Child Rape ScandalApparently, the Devil was on SNL's Weekend Update on November 12 to comment about the Penn State scandal on the child raping of 8 boys. The Devil was somewhat confused about its purpose in being there for an interview on Penn State's recruiting class for college football. Seth Meyers whispered in the Devil's ear, then the Devil screamed out:

“I may be a prince of darkness, but I'm not a monster!”

The Devil expounded further about Penn State's issues when the Devil expressed deep concern over why a man like Joe Paterno would welcome a man like Jerry Sandusky, a “creep” in the Devil's own words, on his staff. The Devil was greatly amazed that the students at Penn State protested Joe Paterno's firing.

The Devil further commented that the Devil invented the Internet and the pictures of students rioting over the firing of Joe Paterno would live on the internet forever.

And finally, at the end of the skit, even the heartless Devil was grieved over the Penn State child rape scandal. The Devil broke its pitchfork after saying, “Evil isn't what it used to be.”

Clearly, even the heartless Devil was given a bad name by this scandal. Perhaps next time, they can twist the Bon Jovi classic: “Shot through heart and you're to blame. You give the Devil a bad name.”


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