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Author: Jason Shaw
Published: September 19, 2011 at 7:08 am

You talk about singing around the piano with your grandmother as a youngster, did you always hold a dream of being a singer or an entertainer?

I always wanted to be a performer.  Other jobs have never much appealed to me. But I started out wanting to be an actor and that turned into music when I was 18.

Who was on the young Chris Dallman’s stereo? 

Earliest loves were Madonna and Prince.   In high school and college, I got very into Tori Amos and Ani DiFranco.  I was very Lilith Fair then.  I still love all that, but back then it was all I listened to, whereas now it's a tiny slice of my taste.  I didn't really listen to dudes until I was in my 20s and I think you can hear that in my voice.  Now I listen to everything. I'm stuck on James Blake at the moment.  Stuck hard.

So are these the same kind of people that you take your influences from now?

Absolutely.  I learned to play music by mimicking the musicians that moved me most.  Over time, my own style has emerged, thank God, but I can still hear their influence in my tunes.

Did you take guitar lessons or where you self taught?   Singing lessons?

Self taught on both fronts.  It's wonderful and terrible at the same time.  It's both liberating and limiting.

Fascinating, most of the great guitar players are all self taught,  now lets change the subject a little and talk more about locations.  You currently reside in Los Angeles with your husband, now please forgive me, being a simple Brit, I may have got this all wrong, but is LA like it appears in the movies,  an wanna be actor at every street corner?  And Do you all go down to the beach at the weekend to surf?

Haha,  the side of LA that's shown in movies is true to life, but it's just a sliver of what the city really is  It's accurate, but narrow.  I've been to the beach 3 times this year.  But never to surf.  And yes... actors EVERYWHERE. 

Jason Shaw

Thank you for that insight, one of the reasons I wanted to know about LA, is that from your sensational  EP ‘Never Was, there’s a track I simple  adore called ‘Has Been’.  Which seems to typify the whole LA, New York, Paris or even at a push, London ideal, the aspirations of making it in the big city, yet finding the streets are not paved with gold, that dreams and realities are not always the same things.  Did you have that in mind when you wrote it?

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