Waiting for Star Wars: The Bounty Hunter Progression

Author: Ron Keith
Published: July 02, 2011 at 8:17 pm


Every Friday BioWare gives us another peek at Star Wars: The Old Republic, a tiny swig from the canteen to quench the parched throats of all the restless SWTOR fans thirsty for more information about the MMO.

This week it's a look at the leveling progression of the Bounty Hunter class. The Bounty Hunter appears to be the Inspector Gadget of the Star Wars universe. Whether you choose the Mercenary or Powertech path for your bounty hunter, you'll have plenty of toys: dual pistols, explosives, droid hacks, force shields, and flamethrowers.

Mmmmmm. Flamethrowers. They're like MMO donuts. So tasty.

Maybe dreams of flambe sith will tide you over until next week.

Still waiting for Star Wars.

Enjoy the trailer.


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