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Newsflash: Mystery Man Surfaces and He’s Not Running for President

Author: Bob Etier
Published: May 10, 2011 at 12:00 pm

It seems that—in my lifetime—every time someone I never heard of surfaces, is a magnet for media attention, and polarizes opinion, he turns out to be a Democratic presidential candidate. Several months ago a name that many were familiar with—I’m sure; but not me—burst through the headlines and into my consciousness—Julian Assange. Earthquakes in Japan tend to divert the news away from Mr. Assange, but his name continues to flare up here and there.

Being a firm believer in “The truth is out there…but nobody wants you to know it,” I wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to know anything about Assange until a DVD, Julian Assange: A Modern Day Hero? Inside the World of WikiLeaks hit my desk. Touted as “An unbiased and informative documentary on Julian Assange, WikiLeaks and more,” it purports to offer a balanced view of the man who so shook the world Steven Spielberg is considering a project, WikiLeaks: The Movie.

Who is Julian Assange? He’s an Australian journalist, publisher, and Internet activist (not necessarily a good thing to be). WikiLeaks has earned him a number of journalism awards for his role as spokesperson and whistleblower-in-chief (er…make that editor-in-chief). Assange was Time Magazine’s Readers’ Choice Person of the Year for 2010 and WikiLeaks was nominated for a 2011 Nobel Peace Prize (among over 240 others); the prize will be awarded on October 7.

There’s over three hours of “in-depth content” in Julian Assange: A Modern Day Hero? Inside the World of WikiLeaks, assuring us that “The truth is out there and Julian Assange wants you to know it.” I guess I have only one more question…boxers or briefs? (Just kidding; I really don’t want to know. Release date: May 3, 2011).


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