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Have a Very Schmaltzy Christmas: A Christmas Wedding Tail Streets December 6

Author: Bob Etier
Published: December 03, 2011 at 4:20 pm

The perfect woman meets the perfect man; they each have perfectly well behaved dogs and almost-perfect children. They have a perfectly lovely romance and plan to marry on Christmas. Everyone is perfectly happy…except…

His kids and best friend think it’s a terrible idea; her kids and mother are light years from enthusiastic. The dogs think it’s a great idea. A Christmas Wedding Tail mines every cliché from decades of situation comedies--the blended family, the across-the-country dream job offer, quirky wedding planners, terrible band auditions, lots of slapstick—and, best of all, talking dogs. Well, they talk to each other…no one else hears their asides.

Jennie Garth stars as potential bride-to-be Susan; Brad Rowe is Jake, the potential groom. For those needing relief from all the romance, there’s Tom Arnold as Susan’s obnoxious headhunter—his sole function being the fly in the ointment. Dog voices are provided by Jay Mohr and Nikki Cox.

When the expected complications set in, suddenly everyone who wasn’t happy about the wedding are bereft that it won’t take place. Viewers who don’t know exactly how it will all unfold have admirably spent very little time in front of a movie or television screen, nor paid attention to the opening scene which reveals the happy (and totally predictable) ending.

A Christmas Wedding Tail is total fluff. It offers a gooey, unoriginal story that qualifies as “heartwarming.” It’s the kind of movie that some people will absolutely love (Amazon user/reviewer “twilight7” wrote, “I first saw this on the Hallmark channel. This is a very sweet family movie that is perfect for all ages. I would deferentially recommend this…”), and others will wonder why. Unsurprisingly, it was made for the Hallmark Channel; it will be released on DVD December 6, 2011.


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