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Author: Jim Straz
Published: October 28, 2010 at 2:26 pm

With a recent Stanger tirade thrown at a stylist, all caught on audio tape and posted on TMZ, it is obvious that working for her is no walk in the park. To label Stanger as simply “difficult” or “demanding” like so many other Hollywood executives, would be a completely fabricated understatement.

“What you see on TV is what she is in real life. She does try to put her best foot forward for the cameras though,” notes Autumn. “Patti has a personality that is great for TV but on a daily basis she is hard to take and she can sometimes be a little much.”

Even when pressed, Autumn would not divulge what the final straw was that broke the camel’s back. She insists though, that Stanger made it so hard for her to leave and this was not completely out of the blue.

Autumn’s boyfriend Wesley Ryan tells us that it was a “covert operation” getting Autumn out of that job. Patti Stanger did not want to let her go. Ryan claims he drove a fast getaway car for Autumn after she hand-delivered an extremely detailed and derisive resignation letter to Stanger. They would not divulge the contents of this resignation letter.

“Everyone knows that Patti is a psycho," states Ryan. “I feel like Patti has tarnished the matchmaking business because of the way she treats people.”

Autumn and Ryan are now running their own matchmaking company called "Queen of Hearts" and are currently in talks with networks about launching their own reality show.

“Our show is completely different from Patti’s show,” states Autumn. “We will have much more amusing behind-the-scenes footage…not so formatted and repetitious like ‘Millionaire Matchmaker.’ Plus, I am in a very happy relationship with Wesley!”

In fact the "Queen of Hearts" business model itself is much different from Stanger’s company. For starters, Stanger is about to hit the big 50 and it is rumored that she doesn’t relate to the younger clientele like Autumn does at the wonderfully perfect age of 30. Queen of Hearts will focus on: quality and not quantity; woman being brought to the table as equals; catering to everyone not just millionaires.

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