Hillary Swank Still Falling

Author: Weston McCready
Published: November 04, 2011 at 10:15 am

The latest development, reported by EW is public relations firm 42West have “dumped” Swank over a disagreement over how to handle the fallout from the aforementioned appearance.

Swank apologized for attending the birthday, informing the media that she “would have never gone” if she had a “full understanding” of the event.

I guess she doesn’t read the paper much. Kadyrov has been targeted for human rights violations as well as possible war crimes. Swank has fired her manager Jason Weinberg who had managed the star for over eight years over the ordeal and two of her agents at CAA have actually been moved out of her service.
So no manager, no PR firm and a new agent. I guess someone is going to have to watch out who she helps blow out the candles in the future.


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