What Business Owners Can Learn from Lady Gaga’s Success

Author: David Amerland
Published: February 19, 2011 at 5:28 am


Just like Olympic gymnasts have a lot to teach us about physical training and corporate CEOs show us how to overcome massive challenges of their jobs, popular pop icons can teach us significant lessons about branding, segment targeting and viral marketing.

The notion is not entirely novel. Madonna has become the subject of more than one university course study both because of her longevity as a pop-icon and her ability to morph with time in step with her core audience (and if you think this does not apply to mainstream business think of the transformation of the Toyota Celica sports car).

Lady Gaga is of particular interest because, as we speak, she has made US chart history by becoming the 1,000th number one on Billboard's Hot 100 and by succeeding in just over two years to go from promising, new, pop-icon to global megastar using the latest real-time web tools and viral marketing technology.

So, how did she do it? Her success, as you might imagine, is no accident. A careful analysis of her business model reveals a consistency of approach and a grasp of her target audience which would put many a conglomerate to shame.

Take her wacky appearances for instance.

Being classically trained in music she can play the piano and sing. With her qualifications and quality beyond question what has become her trademark is her ability to be so consistently outrageous and it is this which her fans have come to expect.

Born This Way, which Lady Gaga performed at the Grammy awards over the Valentine’s Day weekend, is only the 19th single to debut at number one in the Hot 100's history and with digital sales of 448,000, the track also broke the record for the largest amount of downloads of a song by a female artist in its first week on release.

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