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Owning A Small Business Has Become A Nightmare

Author: Peter Bright
Published: October 04, 2011 at 12:29 pm

Owning a small business requires a lot of faith and belief, you need to believe in your product (after all it is your baby). To simply survive you require enthusiasm, conviction and self belief. I have all this and much, much more...but it is so tiring!

I've had enough! I want a job (maybe not a career) that provides a monthly salary, one that gives me a specific amount of cash flowing into my bank account every month. I want stability in my life and the support from a reliable, proven employer. I want them to pay my income tax and healthcare - I want paid holidays!

I am weary of chasing the dream, actually it is a nightmare. Trying to generate sales on the Internet has become harder and harder, you need to be involved in so many things, social networking, linking and that myth that is called 'search engine optimization' and all its implied superstitious voodoo. To be honest I think I will just roll a dice, if it is an odd number I will carry on with the nightmare and if it is an even number I will be nicer to my kids and maybe take them out for a walk on the beach (I might even buy them a puppy). Everything is just chance, even running a small business.

Horoscopes in newspapers are based on star signs and birth dates; these predict the day’s events. These predictions are based on the laws of probability and chance. You could read your daily horoscope and make the prediction into a self-fulfilling prophecy, you could go out and find that ‘Tall dark handsome man’ or go on ‘A long journey’. Alternatively you could read your horoscope late in the evening and interpret the day’s events and adapt them to the mystical words. "Yes I did meet someone important today". The interesting thing about prediction is that you could meet a tall dark handsome man, go on a long journey and meet someone important and never read your horoscope. Does this mean the day’s events were not predicted?

I'm sure that is how search engine optimization works, so let's roll the dice... I've thrown a three.


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