A Timely Response to Marketing Your Business

Author: Rebecca Wilson
Published: May 11, 2010 at 5:21 am


A timely response to a topical issue or current event, articulating your suggested expert opinion, can be some of the best marketing that you can do.

Australia's federal budget today presents an excellent opportunity for a whole host of professional services providers (and not just Accountants) to connect with their customers in a timely and proactive way.

Are you ready for the opportunity?

An appropriate and informative timely marketing piece not only shows you understand an issue well (and are relevant and capable of addressing it), but also shows that you are a proactive person within a dynamic company that is not afraid to take a stance in their industry and with their customers.

A timely response marketing piece usually takes one of three key forms:

  1. A brief, topical email outlining key points and possibly linking to a fresh piece of content on your website or blog;
  2. A printed piece, either short or long, that articulates issues, opportunities and potential “calls to action” and/or “resolutions” for your customers; or
  3. An article from the local media sent personally with your personal notes attached.

They outline the "topical event," and provide an overview of the impacts of the event on your customers. They can also offer potential calls to action that may trigger your customers to approach you for expert advice or information.

Today is Federal budget day, and as I write, our Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan is speaking on television, outlining his annual budget policies.

Love them or hate them, many of these policies will have an impact on business over the next year, and may spur or contract opportunities in your professional service marketplace.

So how are you showing your customer that you are aware of this, and are a proactive business leader in your market?

Do you have a timely response for your customers? Is your template ready for launch and your target contact list cleaned up, segmented by core issues or needs and at your fingertips awaiting content?

I urge you to be a leader in your marketing, and maximise your customer’s understanding of your capability. Prepare your timely response today.


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