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Author: Leo the Spartan
Published: September 17, 2012 at 4:43 pm

After all a business has a fiduciary obligation to it's owners to maximize profits. If it takes two years to open a small factory, why not go to Hong Kong where for $75 you are permitted to start immediately. The EPA and the tax code certainly do not help either. In fact it is indisputable that they are a hindrance. You know for all our success, I have to give credit to the ingenuity of the American people for circumventing this lunacy and still being a powerhouse.

Of course the pols have convinced all that any problem we face is due to lack of regulation. Oh yes I buy that. If I have the brain of a rock. We are so over regulated it is comical. But yet people believe we are not. Perhaps their leaders have sold them a bill of goods or just flat out deceived them. As one in the mortgage industry, I can attest to the fact they we have been over regulated for 30 years. Anyone who states to the contrary is either naive or a liar. Yes I know they blame folks like me for the mortgage meltdown. Nothing could be further from the truth. But I have written on who is to blame for that mess in prior columns. Please refer to them if you seek enlightenment. And for heavens sake, stop listening to politicians. Remember the old saw, "you know a politician is lying when they open their mouth".

My friends I believe what is needed to get us back on track and of course to number one, is the freedom's which made us a great nation to begin with. We do build our business. They do not. First do no harm. Central planners destroy them by their very nature. Remove the parasite from the host (us) and the host will be just fine.


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