The Rotary Pulse Jet Engine

Author: Dilip James
Published: April 03, 2011 at 10:54 am

Recently, General Electric held the “GE Ecomagination Challenge 2011: Powering your Home” contest. Th effort has been an unparalleled drive on the part of GE to raise public awareness on the issues of the energy crisis and the need to preserve the environment by inviting public participation from a world wide audience.

The idea is to explore new innovations and ideas on the home energy front. With more than 800 entries over a period of two months the contest can be seen as an unqualified success. Many of the ideas presented have to do with Solar energy, both Photovoltaic and Thermal as well as Wind power.

The surprising outcome in this contest are the number of innovative designs presented in the home wind turbine category. I am sure that the industry as a whole will gain  insights from these ideas and possibly invest in some of them. Two of the entries  Renewable Energy System:  and Fixed Copula Windgrabber advocate building turbines into structures, so that the design can be maximized. Another entry 'smart and cute power monitor'  raises awareness of energy usage through a stuffed teddy bear that changes color according to the energy usage in the home.

My own entry to the contest consists of a “Dual use power co-generation concept for the home”.( An animation of which can be seen at the top right hand corner of this article) It details a new type of rotary engine design that uses jet power to turn a rotor which in turn energizes a flywheel, the kinetic energy of which is then drawn off as required.

The attractive aspect of this concept is that it generates power in terms of kilowatt hours rather than in watt hours as home wind and solar applications normally do, and can be used to generate power for the home as well as to power a car. The engine will work for only a few seconds putting out a large amount of power which is stored as kinetic energy in a flywheel, the engine is then switched off and the flywheel powers the car or the home generator for the next 10 minutes to 15 minutes.

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