Ratan Tata Attacks British Managers

Author: Adi Gaskell
Published: May 23, 2011 at 7:15 pm

Ratan Tata, the boss of India's Tata Group, has launched a stinging attack on the work ethic of managers at the company's UK factories.

He suggested that British managers were not willing to go the extra mile when the company needed them too.

ratan tata“In India, if you are in a crisis, if it means working to midnight, you would do it. The worker in JLR seems to be willing to do that, the management is not,” he was quoted as saying.

Who's responsibility is employee engagement?

Employee engagement should be a key concern for all companies and the responsibility for an engaged workforce ultimately falls at the door of the senior management team. The Global Workforce Study released earlier this year suggests that employee engagement is not fixed and results directly from the actions of the senior management.

The study found that senior management's attitude toward employees has a greater impact on engagement than day-to-day factors, and that the top driver of employee engagement is "senior management's sincere interest in employee well-being.  That's right, if senior management care about their employees then they become engaged.  Does it sound like Mr. Tata cares about the managers he is critisizing?

I wrote earlier in the week about the frequent attacks on the quality of managers in the UK and this broadside from Mr. Tata is in good company. If managers at Tata's UK facilities aren't sufficiently engaged for Mr. Tata's tastes, he is the man ultimately responsible for that, and if managers aren't engaged he should look at his own actions to see what they do to help.


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