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I Bet You Won't Read This Post About Social Betting - Page 2

Author: Marc Girolimetti
Published: August 04, 2011 at 11:40 am

On top of it's inherent fun you can log-in with your Facebook account, which doesn't scare me, because the WhoBet team stalks me on Facebook as is. The user interface is simple stupid, which means their Chief Product Officer, Jeff Teicher, was listening after all.  You can privately place bets, but the idea is to do it publicly so the social component can kick in. You use virtual currency, in the form of chips, and have the opportunity to win prizes that add some pep to that painfully suburban life.

If that's not enough, the most popular user is America's favorite sarcastic sports site, Deadspin. Who doesn't want to place bets with AJ Daulerio? For example, mine would be "Will AJ respond to that email I sent him three years ago regarding Deadspin and Playboy?". Oh and they made a bunch of funny YouTube videos. Here's my favorite.

You can also stay in touch via Twitter and Facebook. If you've made it this far jump on over to WhoBet and check out the bet I made related to this article. I bet you won't do it you two-bit Communist. Was the passive aggressive behavior too much?


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