Corporate Boards Adapt to Gender Equitability

Author: Lisa Stephens
Published: January 11, 2012 at 9:16 pm

BoardroomIt's not so much whether women are eligible for board appointments, but more so whether women are adequate potential for the specific needs of the position to be filled. It's not so much whether and how many women are appointed as board members, but more so whether each appointment meets its obligation. It shouldn't be that women are the issue, but that women are included should they be the answer. It's not that we are women, but that positions be filled by competent leadership.

As a business visionary, founder of Forbes Magazine, B.C. Forbes, dedicated its first issue to women in business. In 1917 he claimed, “Forbes believes her achievements are wide." Forbes expounds, that women in business “will soon sit on boards beside men.”

Now nearly 100 years later, women control nearly 75 percent of consumer decisions. Speaking to the question of essential women in the boardroom leads the business structure to better-informed discussions with better potential for thoughtful decision-making.

Julie Norris, an executive recruiter, spoke at CTI summit offered some advice for women pursuing opportunities to participate at the level of corporate board appointments. Ms. Norris described the process for an evaluation of compatibility of attitudes and experience with understanding requirements of the individual structure.

Identify corporate needs, and qualify your strengths
Corporate boards are beginning to realize their need for members who devote relevant, diverse and lofty perspective to the effort. They look for members with specific strengths who can ascertain a qualified role, and can then set and meet discoverable objectives. Understand an objective for a corporate position, then determine critical issues to meet that objective, then qualify your value within the structure.

Leverage your network
Discover the decision-makers, determine critical issues, then leverage your network in order to speak to these individuals with authority on issues of concern.

Develop a plan
Offer valuable feedback on areas you feel proficient, give relevant value.

Be attentive to your experience
Should your experience qualify as relevant to a Fortune 50 company, look for those with structures which will invite participation and which speak to your experience. Be authoritative with what you know.

Strategize for success
Create a space for yourself within structures where you feel confident within your area of expertise, then speak as the voice of reason and responsibility.

As women discover boardroom acceptance and exemplify roles for their experience, they might serve as effective and natural professionals with the capacity to encourage adaptive non-prejudicial change.

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