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  1. June 30, 2013

    New NSA Fallout: Did We Just Get Caught Spying on UN, European Union?
    Could this leaked information prove even more damaging to the U.S. government than Assange's Wikileaks?
  2. California artist and entrepreneur role model Elana Joelle Hendler, EJH BRAND speaks out on Social Media and SBYP
    The Silicon Beach Young Professionals (SBYP) is one of the fastest growing monthly mixer events from Santa Monica to Venice. One Entrepreneur talks about its importance in high tech
  3. Blog Giveaways! Our Sunday Swag Listings
    Giveaway campaigns are a great way to grow readership. Here are a few from Technorati-listed blogs. Hurry and enter!
  4. June 29, 2013

    Pro-Athletes Unload Pets Via Twitter
    Recently, professional athletes are using Twitter to unload their family pets.
  5. Rachel Jeantel - Testimony Tweeted
    If Rachel Jeantel's testimony is Trayvon Martin's side of the story we need to hear it clearly.
  6. 8 New Technologies Transforming Healthcare and Fitness Industries
    Infographic featuring the top 8 technologies that are revolutionizing health and fitness
  7. Microsoft Offers Guidance on Enterprise Social Roadmap
    Microsoft announced that it will integrate Yammer across a number of product lines.
  8. Technorati Tips on Staying Cool This Hot Summer
    Here's a round-up of posts from Technorati listed top blogs, with tips and tricks to keeping cool, even under the more blazing than ever Sun...
  9. June 27, 2013

    Google Making a Gaming Console and Watch? Technorati Blog Rumors
    Wall Street Journal reports that the search giant is working on a number of exciting new products.
  10. How Burglars Are Using Social Media [infographic]
    Robbers are using social media to steal from you.
  11. Fixing Broken #SocialMedia Channels with Agile Leadership - Interview with Fanzy
    Gamification is becoming a default feature for almost every consumer experience.
  12. June 26, 2013

    Kiss the Chef! Technorati Summer Grilling Tips
    Got the grilling bug yet? Tips and recipes (including desserts!) from Technorati's blog listings.
  13. Wanna Be a Real Car Guy? 4 Things You Should Do
    Thank you to Valvoline for sponsoring this feature- Getting Your Hands Dirty: Engine Work The Way It’s Meant To Be
  14. June 25, 2013

    Our Darker Purpose Developer Interview and Gameplay
    An interview with the indie developers making Our Darker Purpose, alongside some gameplay.
  15. The Kinect Deterrent
    The Kinect Camera Controversy has mostly been forgotten about but the viewing capability is still there.
  16. Top Technorati Baseball Blogs Rounding Third
    Top baseball blogs who have risen in the Technorati Top 100 Baseball ranks
  17. State of Content Marketing in 2013
    An infographic that depicts how content marketing is being used by brands and how consumers are interacting with it
  18. Snowden's Fate: Social Site Endorsed by Daniel Ellsberg and others Advocates Asylum
    Social Site Endorsed by Daniel Ellsberg and Cornel West Comes Out in Support of Snowden.
  19. Technology may be the safest prescription for sleep disorders
    Can mobile technology help end the epidemic of sleep deprivation in America?
  20. Microsoft Plans to Release Free-To-Play Mobile Games
    Microsoft is planning to release free-to-play mobile games for iPhones and Androids.
  21. A Look at the Experts Testifying to Change the Legal Recognition of Marriage
    This week the Supreme Court will be making two monumental decisions regarding the definition of marriage.
  22. Is Your Career Ladder Missing Rungs?
    Your career ladder will continually lose rungs as time goes on until finally either you are sickened with depression, or do something proactively to change your trajectory.
  23. Content Marketing Just Got Easier with ContentGems' Hootsuite Integration
    ContentGems and Hootsuite announce a single solution for aspiring content marketers, as well as content experts, to efficiently and powerfully do business.
  24. June 24, 2013

    California to BitCoin Foundation: Stop. Now. Blogs Weigh in.
    Bitcoin's Foundation and one of the world's largest economies are butting heads on licensing and the future of digicurrency.
  25. Music Monday Roundup: Jay Z Album, Pet Shop Boys, Nervo, Van Halen
    A weekly music post round-up, from trending blogs on Technorati's Music lists.
  26. Collaborative Consumption: Where Travel Access Trumps Ownership
    Hey, why own when you can share: Collaborative Consumption
  27. Your Life in Jelly Beans
    What if you were to measure the time you have on this Earth in jelly beans?
  28. June 23, 2013

    Google Wants to Help You Share Your Stuff: Tech Blog Rumors
    Search engine has created a tool for cataloging, listing, and even sharing one's personal belongings with others online.
  29. Want to Make the Most of a Staycation? Blogs to Follow
    Has your budget kept you local this summer, despite grand plans? Here are a few ways you can make the most of sticking around town.
  30. Social Media Reaction to Jane Wicker Crash
    Jane Wicker was a famed "wing walker" who died in a horrific crash this weekend.
  31. Tech Weekend Round-Up: NSA, Cheaper iPhone 5's, Cloud Computing and Flying Bikes
    Technorati's Top Technology blogs have all the bases covered with all the latest technology news from around the web.
  32. "World War Z" Hits and Misses
    Top Technorati Film Bloggers chime in on Brad Pitt's attempt at saving the world from Zombies
    in Film
  33. Bentley Revs Up: Why Marketing Heritage Matters
    Why Focusing on Heritage & Storytelling Matters in Luxury Marketing
  34. June 22, 2013

    Candy Crush Saga Getting Ready for IPO
    The addictive Candy Crush Saga game has 45 million users and 32 million Facebook likes on its official page.
  35. Video on Instagram takes on Vine
    Instagram announces Video functionality. What does this mean for Vine?
  36. New Project Aims to Teach Children How to Code
    A new project to teach computing in schools has achieved its Kickstarter funding
  37. Social Science Tool RandomiseMe Launches
    Ben Goldacre and Nesta launch a new tool to make it free and easy to set-up randomised control trials
  38. Microsoft Attempts to Fix the Xbox One
    Microsoft has fixed their hardware, but can they repair public opinion on the Xbox One?
  39. Beards, Spurs and Social Media's Impact On Pro Playoffs
    Josh Reddick is bushier than Brian Wilson, Bergeron defeats Kane, and Spurs will hopefully send Stern away with a 'W'.
  40. Penn State Associate Professor of English Stuart Selber on MOOCs
    Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)are attracting a huge number of global population and we could see different types of MOOCs in the future.
  41. June 21, 2013

    NY Lawmakers Contemplate Bill to Ban Tesla From Direct Sales
    Environmentally conscious blog Green Car Reports brings to light laws that unfairly target Tesla Motors.
  42. How you can monetize your blogging efforts
    You've picked a platform, chosen a theme (maybe even customized it a little), cranked out some content and even set up some social accounts — you have a blog. Now what?
  43. June 20, 2013

    Pass the Licorice - Brands Waste No Time with #InstagramVideo
    In the world of confections, Red Vines predicts fifteen second videos of Instagram video will resonate with brands for more complex stories, or enable the brand to go deeper with a particular theme.
  44. Social Media Reaction to Instagram Video Launch
    Top Technorati Tech blogs share their thoughts on Instagram launching video functionality
  45. DeSmog Clears the PR Pollution that Clouds Climate Science
    DeSmog is a Top 100 Technorati Green blog that cuts through the green-washing clutter and informs the public on all things green
  46. Fine Tune Your Engine Like The Pros
    Thank you to Valvoline for sponsoring this feature- Getting Your Hands Dirty: Engine Work The Way It’s Meant To Be
  47. Internet Poker Site Settles With U.S. DOJ
    The chairman of PokerStars has agreed to pay $50 million connected to a money laundering lawsuit.
  48. Cyber Attacks – How Vulnerable Are Japanese Businesses
    Why the Hackers want to target big Corporate Business websites?
  49. Daily Deals Surging Once Again
    Daily Deals Surge once again behind merchant demand
  50. The Rise of Illegal Online Gambling
    Part 2 of our series on the growth of gambling and online currencies focusing on the illegal aspects.
  51. Piracy Rising, Civolution's Watermarking & Fingerprinting Technology Keeping Pace
    In tis exclusive interview, Alex Terpstra, CEO of Civolution talks about tracking technology and warns the company can monitor audio and video on all fronts.
  52. 3D Printing in Space on the Horizon
    Made in Space is testing 3D printers in zero gravity. If the tests are successful, 3D printing will make its way to the International Space Station.
  53. TV Commercial Song Stuck in Your Head? We've Got a Blog for You
    Blog devotes its posts to those delightful tv ad songs that produce lasting ear bugs during our work days.
  54. June 19, 2013

    Martini Media Study: Affluent Spend More, Despite Larger Consumer Sentiment [infographic]
    Though the public says they are personally worse off than they were a year ago, the affluent are spending more [infographic]
  55. Caesars Buys Rights To Mobile Poker App
    Caesars has acquired the rights and ownership of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) mobile app.
  56. Steam Game Borrowing and Cards on the Horizon
    Steam is rolling out some interesting initiatives that you will definitely want to check out.
  57. Californians Using Smartphones to Provide Traffic Cops with Proof of Insurance
    Nobody likes to get pulled over; wouldn't it be cool if your paperwork was on your smartphone?
  58. GE Takes a Step Towards the Industrial Internet
    GE launch a new platform to tap into the Industrial Internet
  59. Turkey Gobbling Political Unrest Through Social Media Reform
    Turkish lawmakers are tirelessly planning reform which will whack Twitter and other forms of social media from lists of allowable websites which may hurt businesses there.
  60. George Zimmerman Trial: It's Time to "Unlike" Jurors
    Attorneys in George Zimmerman trial move to general voir dire and "unlike" potential jurors who may not support their side.
  61. Huawei’s Ascend P6 - Skinniest Smartphone Ever Made
    Huawei’s Ascend P6 is the slimmest smartphone in this world at this time with 6.18mm of thickness.
  62. NSA Surveillance Pros & Cons: A Georgetown Professor Weighs in on Eric Snowden
    Is Eric Snowden a Whistle blower? Georgetown Professor and Whistle Blowing Researcher, Marcia Miceli, Provides Focus.
  63. Social Media Helps Lift Thrift Shop Stigma
    Thrifting has lost a lot of its negative image thanks to social media.
  64. The Present and Future of Online Gambling
    Come explore the growing world of online gambling and the money involved from bets to digital currency.
  65. Netflix Inks Deal with Dreamworks for Original Series
    Looking to target younger viewers and original programming, Netflix inks deal with DreamWorks for original series.
  66. Buzzfeed Sued for $3.6 Million Over Photo Use
    Buzzfeed is being sued for a ridiculous amount of money over a photo that they used without permission. Should they be forced to pay? And what precedent is being set?
  67. Building a Following: Our Best LEGO Blogs
    Mashup of Technorati listed blogs to help you get the most out of your jumbled up box of plastic bricks.
  68. Find Your Sharing Muse: Blogs Worth the Mental Effort
    Trending posts from blogs that'll provide plenty of head scratchings and shares for years to come.
  69. June 18, 2013

    Grist Gives you the Gist of All Things Green
    Grist is a leading Green Blog on Technorati's Top 100 list of blogs
  70. Faith in Humanity Restored: Auto Edition
    These inspirational stories of people doing good (with the help of cars) will brighten your day.
  71. #StanleyCup Game Three Social Media Reaction
    Bruins take game three of the Stanley Cup against the Chicago Blackhawks.
  72. What's Google's Project Loon All About?
    Search giant's ambitious project to provide cheap Internet around the world is getting off the ground, and a lot of attention from tech blogs.
  73. June 17, 2013

    Now Apple, Google, Facebook: Will PRISM Scandal Dog Democrats in 2016?
    As Apple, Google, Microsoft and Facebook admit NSA data sharing, is the Democratic Party about to take the blame?
  74. Turn Lemons into Eight Weeks of Emergency Preparedness
    A Bag Full of Lemons gives you eight weeks of emergency preparedness.
  75. Book Riot offers more than just reviews
    Check out some of our favorite posts from the recent Book Riot offerings.
  76. How to Get Eyeballs on Your Business With a Blog [infographic]
    Driving business through blogging and content marketing
  77. Review: Divoom Bluetone-Solo X-Bass Bluetooth Speaker
    We take a look at the X-Bass Bluetooth speaker and put it through its paces and you can see the results for yourself.
  78. 30 Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts
  79. Apple is Reportedly Protecting Customer’s Personal Details From Government
    Apple got over 4,000 requests from U.S. law enforcement for customer data but the company is committed to customer privacy.
  80. Social Justice vs. Sex: Why Blogging About Jodi Arias is Still Golden
    Imagine if social media makes race sexy enough for us to concentrate on the George Zimmerman trial.
  81. June 16, 2013

    Don't Want the NSA Looking at Your Stuff? Some Ways to Prevent It
    Want to Protect Your Internet Privacy? Here Are Some Ways.
  82. More Businesses Looking to Cloud Accounting Software
    A recent survey of 750 small businesses found that they are still wasting too much time on administrative tasks that can be handled with new technology.
  83. June 15, 2013

    Social Media: Why the George Zimmerman Jury Will Be Sequestered
    Without access to social media, jurors will be able to concentrate on a fair verdict for George Zimmerman.
  84. Avature Launches New Social Intranet
    Avature announce a new social intranet platform to help human resource managers.
  85. Social Movie Watching: Your Future Cinematic Experience Awaits
    Those shunning cable TV and tired of paying inexorably high movie prices will benefit from social media movie watching.
  86. Amazon to Start Selling 3D Printers
    Online retailer Amazon are to create a section of their store dedicated to 3D printers
  87. SimulTV Integrates Second Screen Experience on One Screen
    SimulTV announces "TV Everywhere" experience, benefit of 'second-screen' interaction on a single screen.
  88. Half of All Mobile Ad Revenues go to Google
    A new report shows that Google dominates the mobile ad industry, taking home 50% of all revenue
  89. Verizon Strikes $1 Billion Deal with NFL to Stream Games to Smartphones
    The NFL held back broadcast rights for cell phone streaming in hopes of striking a deal with a wireless provider.
  90. Barbara Mikulski Grandstands On Twitter During Hearing
    Democratic Senator Barbara Mikulski: Her Mobile is Always On to Tweet You Back.
  91. June 14, 2013

    Health Roundup: Great Meals, Weekend Splurges and Workplace Well-being
    Check out this roundup of healthy living posts, all from the Top 20 blogs in the Technorati Health category.
  92. Gadget blogs break down the XBox-PlayStation battle for supremacy
    If you're in the market for one of these high-tech and all-encompassing entertainment systems, which one should you buy?
  93. June 13, 2013

    Family Travel Summit: Family Vacations Change, As Families Change
    Families are not what they once were. Social Media is affecting them, and their vacation choices.
  94. IBM Begins Global Job Reductions
    IBM announce job cuts in response to poor first quarter profit figures.
  95. #Hashtags Finally Adopted, Prepped For Use By Facebook
    #Congratulations to Facebook for sticking the proverbial ballpark hot dog up the backside of #Twitter by mimicking the hash tag realm.
  96. Your Government Can Hear You Now
    Hello Obama. Can you hear me now? Good.
  97. The Most Interesting #IncrediblePursuits
    Alcohol and Spirits Celebrate More Than Just Drinking
  98. Craig Federighi - Most Natural Yet Humorous Executive at Apple's WWDC 2013
    Craig Federighi joined Apple in 2009 after a break and got strong attraction from audience at Apple's WWDC 2013.
  99. June 12, 2013

    Uncorked: Wine Bloggers Open Up, Get Noticed
    Annual Wine Bloggers Conference gathers over 400 writers, showing growing power of those that love to sip, and share.
  100. UK Government Creates New Bill of Rights for Consumers
    A new Bill aiming to bring consumer rights into the 21st century is launched by the UK government
  101. LED Technology Moves to Glasses
    Google Glass may be getting most of the attention, but there is another trend trying to compete with it.
  102. Mozilla Launches
    Mozilla launch a campaign against government monitoring of the web
  103. Internmatch Raises $4 Million
    Internship marketplace InternMatch secure $4 million in extra funding to develop their site
  104. Jodi Arias: Does Entertainment Value Trump Tax Payer Expense?
    The use of Arizona tax payer dollars in this case may come down to the wishes of the Alexander family who reside in California. The use of Arizona tax payer dollars in this case may come down to the wishes of the Alexander family who reside in California. Use of Arizona tax payer dollars may come down to the wishes of the Alexander family who reside in California.
  105. Mesothelioma Chances Increase in the Downwind Direction and Closeness to the Asbestos Source
    People living close to the industrial asbestos sources and in the downwind direction have more chances of developing mesothelioma.
  106. June 11, 2013

    Blogging New York with California Style
    Lifestyle writer Kitty Bradshaw moved about 3,000 miles to find her blogging niche.
  107. Social Media Tools for Travel Bloggers Highlighted at TBEX
    The global travel bloggers conference, TBEX, was held in Toronto recently and was attended by over 1,300 travel bloggers, writers and new media creators from around the world.
  108. Visual Storytelling Critical for Social Media Success
    Customers don't "book a hotel room," they "book a story." Does your hotel have stories to tell?
  109. Amidst Hate Speech Crackdown, Disabled Persons Still Loving Social Media
    Hate speech and radical messages targeting the disabled has finally spurned Facebook to take action. We stress 'finally'.
  110. Majority Supports NSA Snooping
    The Pew Research Center reveal that the majority of Americans support NSA monitoring of phone and web behaviour.
  111. Google Adwords and Traffic Estimators: Why I Should Still Blog About Jodi Arias
    Google adwords and traffic estimators are not accurate indicators for advertisers basing campaigns on current events.
  112. Low Birth Weight Could be Related to High Blood Pressure and Kidney Disease Later in Life
    Babies with low birth weight have lesser number of nephrons that could result in increased chances of hypertension and kidney problems.
  113. Are You a Winker or a Thinker?
    If you had a gadget that would allow you to not sit around and think but actually win and say what you could never say to THAT GIRL, would you want it?
  114. June 10, 2013

    Worst End of School Year Mom Blog Post Goes Viral
    Family blogger writes a humorous post about the last few hectic weeks of school, and lands herself a spot on the Today Show.
  115. Waze Social Traffic App Close to Being Next Google Acquisition
    Google is rumored to be close to acquiring social traffic app Waze, mostly to keep it from Apple and Facebook.
  116. Technorati Top Hockey Bloggers Talk Stanley Cup Match-Ups
    Technorati ranked hockey bloggers discuss the 2013 Stanley Cup match-up between the Bruins and Blackhawks
  117. 3 Easy Ways to Get More Horsepower
    Thank you to Valvoline for sponsoring this feature- Getting Your Hands Dirty: Engine Work The Way It’s Meant To Be
  118. Common Roadside Jams, and How to Get Out of Them
    Thank you to Valvoline for sponsoring this feature- Getting Your Hands Dirty: Engine Work The Way It’s Meant To Be
  119. What to Look for in a Fixer-upper
    Thank you to Valvoline for sponsoring this feature: Getting Your Hands Dirty: Engine Work The Way It’s Meant To Be.
  120. Health App Lets Doctors Offer Advice Via Mobile
    iTriage lets users check their symptoms, explore possible causes, research medications, and find a doctor in their local area.
  121. Beam Me Up Scotty -- My Web is Tingling
    Mobile, tablets and wearble computing devices will revolutionize user interface design in ways we cannot yet imagine.
  122. Strawberry Fields Forever -- New Technology Keeps Fruit Fresh
    Findings expected to have a major impact on appliance business to extend shelf life and preserve nutrition in fresh produce.
  123. Have Panda and Penguin of Google Replaced SEO With a New Type of Savvy Marketing?
    The truth and Irony is, if SEO will eventually die, it will not be because of these poor creatures who take the blame but on account of Google's own measures to personalize search for each of us.
  124. June 9, 2013

    Twitter Responds to VerizonGate with #NSACalledToTellMe Humor
    After revelation that Verizon shared phone, text data with the NSA, Twitter responded in their own special way.
  125. Why Are These Attorneys Tweeting About the George Zimmerman Trial?
    Tweeting does not forward the fact finding mission required to conduct a fair trial for George Zimmerman.
  126. June 8, 2013

    Social Media Powered Electric Car Taking Kid Creators to Washington, D.C.
    Tweets and Clicks Fuel an Electric Car Students Built, Sending Them to Washington, D.C.
  127. Social Media: When to Keep Your F@#%ing Mouth Shut
    The incriminating nature of personal information people brag about on social media is astonishing. What are they thinking?
  128. Jive Wins CTO Award for Innovation
    Enterprise social network developer Jive had reason to celebrate this week. The company came away from Morgan Stanley's 13th annual CTO Summit held on Wednesday with the prestigious CTO Award for Innovation.
  129. NATO Adopts Microsoft’s Kinect Technology for Training
    Virtual and constructive training will grow at a very dynamic pace.
  130. June 7, 2013

    The Verge Fills Page With Xbox One Coverage
    The Verge recently got a +32 Authority boost in Technorati's Technology channel, making a major leap in that category, following their coverage of the Microsoft Xbox One event in Redmond, Wash.
  131. George Zimmerman Trial: Is Social Media the Predominant Aggressor?
    It will be unfortunate if tweets, hashtags, and indiscriminate blogging writes the story of the trial before it even starts.
  132. Levi’s Trademarks 49ers Hi-Tech Stadium as ‘Field of Jeans’
    The 49ers' new $1.2 billion facility will be the most hi-tech stadium in the league and will host Super Bowl L in 2016.
  133. Teckler Launches Global Platform for Content Creators
    Teckler officially beta launches it's platform for content creators in 13 languages and 164 countries.
  134. Addiction Recovery: Is there an app for that?
    Several new apps aim to aid in the healing and recovery from an even more pernicious problem, drug and alcohol addiction.
  135. The Impact of Social Media Contests on Brands
    Social media contests can provide an easy way for brands to interact with their followers and engage them on multiple networks, but they can also be dangerous.
  136. Democrat Political Party Leadership on Invasive Keystroke Surveillance
    The participation of the internet companies in PRISM will add to the debate about surveillance by Federal Government intelligence services.
  137. Neatorama's interesting spin on music countdown
    These are the songs that have been deemed by Neatorama as having the most powerful music-fueled moments over the past 25 years.
  138. June 6, 2013

    Spotify, NYC Schools Team Up to Change Music Education
    Popular music site is working with NYC Schools to change the way students are taught music.
  139. Uncle Sam Seizes Verizon Business Cell Records Looking For Terrorists
    It is not wire tapping because they seized the records of all calls rather than listening to all calls.
  140. #ImGregoryCampbell Trends on Twitter
    #ImGregoryCampbell trends on Twitter in honor of the gritty Boston Bruins forward who broke his leg in a heroic display of what hockey is all about.
  141. Superman Saves Lives and Makes The Cash [infographic]
    The Man of Steel is hitting the box offices this summer and has raked in the cash over the years.
  142. Apps for Italy's Provinces? The Latest and Best App for Umbria
    Umbria App. Everything You Need to Know for Travel to Umbria, Italy.
  143. The Freelance Survival Guide
    How to switch from being employed to freelancing
  144. China Accuses U.S. of Cyber Espionage
    According to CNCERT, 4,062 U.S.-based computer servers have recently hijacked 2.91 million mainframe computers in China.
  145. Is Honey the Future of Enterprise Social Networking?
    Honey aim to capture the enterprise social network market with a fresh approach to social business
  146. George Zimmerman Trial: Is This a Good Time to Hold the Race Card?
    George Zimmerman Trial: Both lawyers need to play more poker and less media. The race card is no one's trump.
  147. June 5, 2013

    Pepperoni From Heaven, Or Is It A DomiCopter?
    First Ever Pizza Delivery By Drone Presents Challenges
  148. George Zimmerman Trial: Will Race Trump Sex?
    George Zimmerman's trial will tell us if our interest in sex can be trumped by our concern about race.
  149. Salesforce Purchases ExactTarget
    Salesforce announce the $2.5bn purchase of ExactTarget
  150. Gamification Market to be Worth $5.5 Billion by 2018
    A new report predicts that the gamification market will be worth over $5bn by 2018
  151. June 4, 2013

    Top parenting blogger weighs in on sharing family with the world
    Code Name: Mama (Technorati Top 100 in Living and Family) is currently No. 3 among Family blogs.
  152. Hey bloggers, are you practicing 'fair use' properly?
    As a blogger, what do you do if you see a post or an article about a subject that you really want use when you write about it?
  153. scribe offers tips to improve your craft
    Dino Dogan runs a blog on blogging,, where he writes about his experiences and offers his advice on getting the maximum out of your blog.
  154. Zynga Lays off 18% of Staff
    Zynga announce huge job cuts as they resize their business
  155. Why Social Media Scares Politicians
    Social media throws light on what unites all politicians against their people.
  156. Chevrolet Indy Dual In Detroit Race 2 Tweet-By-Tweet
    The IZOD IndyCar Series experimented with a format of holding two street/road course races at the same venue over the same weekend and by most anyone's standards, the weekend was a great success.
  157. Online Dating Goes Mobile: There’s an App for That
    As the popularity of online dating continues to accelerate, it's also evolving.
  158. Self-Driving Cars… They’re Heading This Way!
    With huge leaps in car technology with Tesla, it's just a matter of time till self driving cars.
  159. State of The Art Sustainable Winery At UC Davis
    A new state of the art sustainable winery in University of California Davis.
  160. PayMobile Announces Ways to Build Brand Loyalty Through Social Media
    Businesses can now reward their customers who have the most social media influence with recognition and rewards.
  161. Multiracial Cheerios Ad Causes Social Media Stir
    General Mills' latest video spot has caused some negative (and a lot of positive) attention online.
  162. The End of the Frustrating Booking Process?
    Online booking sites fail to deliver quality customer service. New technologies will change that. We hope!
  163. June 3, 2013

    Car shopping? MPG-o-Matic touts the real deal on gas mileage
    Car blog MPG-o-Matic (Technorati Auto Top 100) promises to go beyond the MPG numbers on the window sticker.
  164. Global Small Businesses Aren’t Concurrent With SMM Strategies
    Global small businesses can make big differences to their online marketing strategies by remaining completely different.
  165. MPAA's New Website to Fight Piracy is Only a “Band-aid Solution” Says SafeMedia
    It’s estimated that counterfeiting and piracy are costing the U.S. economy around $250 billion a year,
  166. Trayvon Martin: Who is on Trial Here?
    Rules of evidence prevent questionable character traits of the victim and the defendant from being introduced at trial.
  167. Facebook, Others Flacid In Support Of Anti-Kiddie Porn Group
    Lover of Child Molester said "I'd like to shag him senseless" on Facebook
    What would YOU do?
  169. June 2, 2013

    Google Nutrition Search - Why?
    Google nutrition search let's you hear food facts. The problem is that too many people just aren't listening.
  170. BYU Student Recognized for Waterproof Apple Products
    While he was a BYU junior, Scott Walker created waterproof Apple gadgets.
  171. June 1, 2013

    LinkShare Announces Top Internet Marketers
    The winners will be announced at a LinkShare Symposium in New York on June 17.
  172. Gov’t Network Monitoring Contracts to Yield $6 Billion
    Service providers are seeing a significant uptick in new business from the public sector both in the United States and abroad.
    in IT
  173. Google Bets On Geo-Fencing
    Geo-fencing technology will ensure that ads, promotions, and deals will be increasingly tailored towards each individual user.
  174. Airpush Showcases Newest Innovations in Mobile Advertising
    Airpush unveils SDK 6.0 this week at major app developer conferences.